LEXUS 尋找企業接班人,等你來挑戰!

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LEXUS 感謝所有參賽同學的努力!

A total of 576 teams submitted applications, with participants ranging from the most northern schools all the way down south and beyond – we even had a team from Kinmen! Indeed, the turnout for this event was beyond even our most optimistic projections. Virtually every part of the island was represented, and we know this because virtually all of our dealers called to tell us they have too many students visiting! 

While Lexus did not openly endorse dealership visits, we were impressed by your initiative, common business sense, and seriousness in tackling our first case study question. Many of your analyses were quite excellent, realizing that Lexus' success, as well as weaknesses, can be measured from many different angles. Lexus hopes that this first round experience can help students better understand the challenges of building a brand, that while the 4Ps of Marketing can be a good starting point, there are many other factors to consider as well. For instance, Lexus is not just about selling cars, we are selling an experience – and to create the right experience for our customers, you have to have the right people, the right attitude, and the right infrastructure to deliver on your brand promise. Our customers are highly demanding and their needs continually evolving; hence, we can only strive for perfection since perfection itself is continually being redefined. It is an endless task, but that is the spirit of Lexus – and that is the spirit we hope each student carries with him/her throughout this competition.

For the 40 teams that made it to the second round, I salute you. You just made an outstanding accomplishment considering the quality and the number of teams involved. However, to make it to the next round, you will need to do even better, strive even harder, because the level of competition has just increased tenfold. You will need to be at your best because only the best will move-on. Lexus looks forward to a great second round of competition. We look forward to your pursuit of perfection.

For the teams that did not make the final cut, Lexus appreciated your participation. We had a difficult time making final selections and were sad to see so many teams unable to move forward, but that is the nature of competition. However, it was your efforts that helped make the first round an inimitable experience, and we hope to see your continued participation by following us throughout the rest of this event. The remaining teams need your support! At the very least, we hope you had fun, and we definitely, definitely hope to see you back again next year.

Finally, Lexus is honored, truly honored, for having this opportunity to interact with so many students and to have so many students interested in Lexus. It is your participation that has made this inaugural competition truly special. Lexus would like to thank each and every student from the bottom of our hearts. It is our honor to be pursuing perfection together with you.


Leon Soo
Brand Manager
Lexus Division